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At Vincent Buda we have tried to make shopping online as easy as possible. That is why we have created different websites for the different ranges of products we have. As we sell a large range of products from stainless steel grates to Galintel to fire doors to letter boxes to door hardware to retractable garden hoses we have created specific sites so our customers don't have to spend time going thru our range of products.

  • For those who would rather browse the range on one site, we have created which has our full range of products.
  • Looking for a shower grate or drain or basically a grate in general, we have created which has our Aqualuna range of products.
  • Looking for a Retractable Garden Hose, we have created which has our Hozemate range of products.

    Vincent Buda Bathroom and Building Products - Specialists in Shower Grates & Floor Grates

    At Vincent Buda we have over 50 years experience in manufacturing and distributing high quality building & plumbing supplies including specialist floor waste grates for retail and trade customers. So whether you are completing a small bathroom renovation, looking for shower grates, floor grates or bathroom drains or you are a professional specialising in the installation of shower grates or waste drains, we can help!

    We offer a huge range of floor waste grates, shower grates and other drainage products.

    Our comprehensive collection of products is as diverse as our expertise and knowledge and our grates come in a range of styles to suit your setting. Vincent Buda and Company line of products includes:

    • An extensive range of drains and grates including residential and industrial bathroom shower drains and grates
    • Stainless steel shower grates & drains
    • Custom made Heel Guard Shower grates & Drains
    • Outdoor linear shower & floor waste grates
    • Bathroom & shower drain gates for disabled bathrooms
    • Bathroom tiles grates
    • Bathroom floor waste grates
    • Plumbing & drainage grates
    • Small floor waste and smart tile grate
    • Bermuda tile insert drains
    • Linear tile insert drains
    • Storm water supplies

    Vincent Buda & Company sell a full range of building products.

    Our range includes the following products:

    • Galintels, Budabar Lintels, T Bars, Concrete Lintels Click here to see our Range
    • Drainage and Stormwater Products Click here to see our Range
    • Door Frames and Fire Doors Click here to see our Range
    • Aluminium and Plastic Dampcourse, Lead Flashing, Metal Slip Joint Click here to see our Range
    • Door Hardware from brands like Lockwood, Gainsborough, Legge, Lemaar, Ryobi, Novas Click here to see our Range

Vincent Buda – The first choice for stainless steel floor & shower grates and other bathroom building supplies

At Vincent Buda we make the job of bathroom building and renovating simpler and cheaper for builders and home renovators alike. While we stock a huge range of building necessities, we specialise in the manufacture and distribution of bathroom drains & shower grates to make the disposal of general bathroom waste simple & effective. We offer stylish alternatives in shower grates & floor wastes within our fantastic range of steel shower grates drains, and stainless steel grates. If you are looking for a special grate, custom length or width, outlet in a specific spot, we can get it manufactured for you.

The best prices for floor wastes, shower grates, drains & other stainless steel supplies

Why pay top dollar for building & renovation supplies when all your supplies can be purchased online and delivered straight to your home or site!

Whether you need just one stainless steel shower drain for your new bathroom, a handful of shower grates & floor waste grates for a new extension or an ongoing supply of everything from drains to frames & doors – Vincent Buda offers the most affordable deals Australia-wide.

Builders & Plumbers – Get all the supplies you need right here!

In addition to this extensive range above, we also stock a huge range of products that every good builder, plumber or plumbing company requires such as our heel guard external grates, galintel, rendabar, T-Bar, Concrete lintel and traditional arch bar ranges.

New Range

Vincent Buda & Company are always increasing their range of stainless steel grates. New to the range is the range of Aluminium Base with stainless steel tops. These grates are an economical way of achieving the stainless steel look at an affordable price. Click here to see our Range

StormTech Alternative

Vincent Buda & company can supply Stainless Steel Grates alternative to Stormtech, without compromising quality. Cut out the middle man and save money. Our excellence in providing stylish and affordable drains, grates and other products. When looking for Stormtech drains consider Vincent Buda Drains.For a wise choice in Bathroom and Building Products, forget about StormTech – Vincent Buda is the answer!

Click here to read our blog on installing a linear shower drain

Contact Vincent Buda on (02) 9740 1500 for more information on floor & shower grates and other hardware supplies for your project.